The children that attend the Nursery follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum 2014 for England and Wales as do the Pre School and Reception Classes at The Gulf English School. The curriculum is based on high quality planned play experiences to support all areas of children’s learning and development. We have a strong focus on Communication, Personal and Social development as well as Physical Development. A copy of the curriculum is on the Parents Bookshelf in the Nursery Foyer.

The Learning Objectives for each term are displayed in the Nursery Foyer along with photos and captions showing the children’s Learning.
Parents will receive a written report once per term summarising your child’s progress. All our assessments are based on careful observations by the Teachers, we never test children. Parents will also be invited to Stay and Play Days when you can see your child learning at Nursery and take part in activities with your child.

If you have concerns about your child’s learning or development please email your child’s teacher to arrange an appointment for a meeting. Your teacher may also request a meeting if she has concerns about your child’s behavior, learning or development. A record of these meetings will be kept in your child’s file.